Alpine climbing training beginners Lechtal Tirol

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3 Tage | Stützpunkt Hermann-von-Barth Hütte
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Alpine climbing training beginners Lechtal Tirol

Ideally suited for 4 participants.

Training content

Day 1

Tourenplanung (umfasst Kartenkunde, Führerliteratur, Topografie, Wetter, alpiner Gesamtanspruch …)
– Alpine Gefahrenkunde, Materialkunde, Basics Wetter und Orientierung
– Einklettern in Toprope
– Basics Standplatzbau und Seilschaftablauf
– Vorstieg im alpinen Fels

Day 2

- Multi-pitch training + rope course
- Rope course, belaying and tactics
- belaystation construction and management
- belaying lead climbers and followers from the fixed point
- Retreat/rappel
- Tour planning for day 3

Day 3

- Multi-pitch coaching
- Independent realization of a tour

Base | Meeting point

Hermann-von-Barth hut, Geierwally parking lot, Untergiblen 21-23, A 6652 Elbigenalp


Additional information

Additional costs

- Rental equipment - see below
- Cab fee for transport to the material cable car of the Hermann-von-Barth hut
- Fee for cable car transport to the Hermann-von-Barth hut
- Overnight stay and meals at the Hermann-von-Barth hut
- Parking fees (meeting point Geierwally parking lot)

Equipment list

see https://bergschule

Rental equipment

The taking along or provision of
- ropes
- express slings
- Slings and webbing
- carabiners
- tubes
we coordinate in advance with the participants individually.


- Healthy in the mountains
- Membership of the Alpine Club
- Surefootedness in scree terrain
- Climbing up to UIAA 3+ alpine in lead climbing
- Level 1-2 :: see
Please note our terms and conditions!


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