Holzgauer Wetterspitze East Ridge - Bearded Vulture Variant (UIAA 6-)

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Holzgauer Wetterspitze east ridge Lechtal Tyrol

1.8.2019 - Holiday!

The east ridge on the Holzgauer Wetterspitze is on the program.

We - that's regular guest and Everest climber Karsten Lafrenz, yours truly (Hubs Lindner, operator of the Lechtal Mountain School) and Martin Fiala (mafia-photography.com) - set off early in the morning through the wet alpine grass and past Fallenbacher See on our way to the imposing east ridge of the Holzgauer Wetterspitze.

My decision was made the night before. With guest and photographer on the rope to develop a logical line at the central pillar of the cone-shaped pillar. Just in case, I had a small Bosch and 3 bolts and 2 normal hooks with me. It was clear that the climbing would be exposed and difficult to belay at the latest on the east ridge.

Everything done right!

I was able to use the material in a targeted manner and perfectly secure the rope team during the ascent. On the descent, a bearded vulture passes a few meters above our helmets. My favorite bird here in the Lechtalers rounds off the day.

The line has thus earned its name: Bearded Vulture Variant

To Tour description in the online magazine of lechtal-guiding.com:

Base | Meeting point

Lechtal Bundesstraße - parking lot Lechbrücke, 6653 Bach


Photo credit: © mafia-photography.com

Additional information

Additional costs



- Healthy in the mountains
- Membership of the Alpine Club
- Sufficient fitness for 2-3 hours of ascent and 5-6 hours of climbing and 3 hours of descent
- Safe climbing up to UIAA 6- sure footedness in rough terrain
- Requirement level 3 :: see https://bergschule-lechtal.com/ausruestungslisten/
Please note our terms and conditions!

Equipment list

- Mountain boots with treaded soles / climbing shoes if required
- Sportswear suitable for the weather
- Backpack with a change of clothes:
- Warm jacket to wear underneath
- Waterproof jacket to put on

Rental equipment

We will provide the following equipment as part of the event:
- Climbing harness
- helmet
- Telescopic poles


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Omyo Yoga Center - https://www.omyo.at/
Secret Garden Yoga - https://de.secretgardenyoga.com/
Time-out village Gramais - https://gramais-lechtal.at/
Lechtal Tourism - https://lechtal.at/
Hermann von Barth Hut - https://hermann-von-barth.at/
Mafia Photography - https://www.mafia-photography.com/
Lechtal Sports - https://lechtal-sports.at/
Hagan Ski - https://hagan-ski.at/
Pokusa - https://www.pokusa-supplements.de/
Sledword - https://sledwork.de/
Arcteryx - https://arcteryx.com/
Lechtal Guiding - https://lechtal-guiding.com/
Zanier - https://zanier.com/


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