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Consumerism is something that has characterized us in developed countries for several decades. In the most negative sense. Therefore, we set a difference. At Bergschule Lechtal there is no commercialized approach, where those products are pushed to the frontline that yield the most profit. Everything we do is done out of dedication and with the claim of QUALITY.

We emphasize "how" you can reach the summit with an optimum of challenge, movement quality and aesthetics. An overtaxed mind in terms of rope technique and route finding, a bad stomach and pain in the musculoskeletal system due to lack of fitness and strength, as well as the emergency call with helicopter transport at the end do not belong in any case.

With us does not grow the number of guided tours and guests, which is the case at many consumer mountains, among which we must now count many beauties of the Alps and the Himalayas. With us grows the knowledge and experience of how to move at eye level with the mountain, without being punished, and thereby to EXPERIENCE that FREEDOM, which nowadays no longer exists anywhere: The freedom to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game on the mountain, to get involved, to be brave, to take responsibility for yourself and your loved ones at home, to decide and act. In the blink of an eye.


  • *1975 in Göstling/Ybbs as one of three "Buam" (boys)
    in the "Hinterstein" (farm)
  • Matura at the commercial academy in Waidhofen/Ybbs
  • Master's degree in Business Informatics and Information Management
    (Commercial Science at the WU-Vienna)
  • 4 years consultant in the field of Data Warehousing (DWH)
    and Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • 3 years SAP project management at NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding
  • 3 years member of the board of the NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding,
    Head of the department for information and communication technology,
    Head of organizational development
  • 2 years training as a state certified
    Mountain and ski guide (IVBV, IFMGA, UIAGM)
  • 2012 married to Claudia Lindner
  • 2013 full-time mountain and ski guide
  • 2013 Foundation Hinterstein OG together with my wife
  • 2014 Move to Gramais
  • 2016 Vallu(ga) becomes our first Siberian Husky
  • 2017 Construction of our base: Basecamp Gramais
  • 2021 Sheep farmer in cooperation with Haus Zita
  • 2022 for the time being complete husky pack with 8 animals



Looking back, I wanted to turn away from a "system" that seemed inhumane to me already in elementary school. There was no one there who wanted to respond to my talents and basic needs as a child and "BERGBAUERNBUB". I let theory and people who, apart from any practice, classified this theory as the highest credo determine my life. As a child, I could not know better and I felt at the mercy of it all.

A class leader, his favorite hobby was hunting, was able to break my ice. I understood that there should be a life beside and after school. From then on, I was an "A" student and at the same time opened the door to the regained freedom, which I first lived out as a cross-country skier in various performance squads.

This was followed by a decade that was characterized by a very strongly developed idea of performance and success in my GENERATION-X. This unfortunately affected my approach to mountaineering. Unfortunately, this also affected my approach to mountaineering. And once again, my origins, my passions for movement in nature, my roots as a mountain farmer's boy collided with my reality as a man in a pinstripe, IT project manager and executive in an organization filled with thousands of people.

The desire for change became great. So great that with my irrepressible energy I completed the then 2-year training as a mountain and ski guide. From then on it was clear: There is only one life for me with and in the mountains.

BUT: My lifestyle had left its mark mentally and physically. I regularly took my car in for service. My health, however, I sacrificed freely to my arrogance, I could achieve anything.

Today, when I think back on how brutal I was to myself and my body, I often feel like I didn't deserve all the people and animals who were like guardian angels on my life's path. HOWEVER: If you are lucky enough to be born into a life like mine, then one saying is 100% true: "Luck is what you are."

Georg Fraberger, psychologist and author of "Ohne Leib mit Seele" (Without Body with Soul), puts it in a nutshell in his book.


My ego as an achiever has changed. I "skinned" myself like a snake, so to speak. A total change of values was the consequence. The egomaniacal, ambitious and at times probably even narcissistic achiever, who ticked according to rules, duties and customs, became a compassionate family man. The small and sensitive "mountain farmer's bogeyman" took hold and replaced "having" with "being.

The way back to "my freedom" was hard. Emotional intelligence and compassion became the focus of my existence, which strongly influenced both my work as a mountain guide and my development as a musher of Siberian huskies. As a Generation-X purist, looking back, I would have failed miserably at both!

It was not "easy" to trust this development. Especially since the word "easy" has turned out to be very difficult. Because "easy" means to gain "clarity of deep understanding". And only my change could establish this relation from the "now" to the I in the past. To see and understand this difference was the most instructive thing of all. A meeting point to the earth, a weapon against everything that could harm me, my family and this existence. A deep understanding of what is important to me and what seems right.

"The way is the goal" - Confucius expresses this very "simply". What this really means can only be EXPERIENCED.

And since I still feel quite lonely with this approach to life and mountaineering, we at Bergschule Lechtal have decided to convey these messages, which are important to us, on all our guided tours and training courses. Not as a lecture. Subtly. Packaged in the mountain world we take you to.



In 2017 we built our base - home, office, base camp for our customers and guests - in the Gramaiser Nuiraut. In the quaint and comfortable premises, furnished with space-saving concepts, we operate our base camp, agency, mountain school, as well as a management consultancy, which stands on the pillars of the agency and school. In and around the Nuiraut we have created a space where we can work both in individual coaching sessions, as well as with teams and companies on their challenges.