Freispitze southeast edge (UIAA 5+)

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Freispitze southeast edge alpine climbing Lechtal Tirol

The area at and around the Freispitze (2885m), located in the heart of the Lechtal Alps, is incomparable due to the beauty of the shape of the mountains, the geological complexity and the resulting colorfulness of the rock, the superior rock quality and the seclusion and solitude of the tours.

The area is divided into 6 striking rock formations that adorn the flanks of Freispitze, Rote Platte and Fallenbacher Spitze as if by God's hand. The Upper Rhaetian limestone formations, which have been created for climbing and rise several hundred meters steeply, harmonize with the equally solid red Aptychen limestone and yellow or green overgrown friable marl on the flanks of the neighboring mountains.

The FREISpitzArena is probably one of the most remote areas for mountaineering and sporty alpine climbing in the entire Alpine region. The climbs are therefore very serious throughout.

Cell phone reception is only available at the top of the Freispitz tower.

Appropriate alpine experience and a climbing level far above the indicated difficulty are therefore indispensable.

Wild Card

15 Seillängen | Wandhöhe 400m | Kletterlänge 500m | UIAA 5+ E4 | gesamt ca. 12h: Zustieg via E-Bike und Trail ca. 3-3,5h, Kletterzeit 4-5h, mehrere Abseiler 1h, Abstieg 3h


  • see Level 2-3
  • We lead the tour 1:1 (1 guest, 1 mountain guide), in exceptional cases - with conditionally and technically experienced guests - also 1:2 (2 guests, 1 mountain guide).

Base | Meeting point

Lechtal Bundesstraße - parking lot Lechbrücke, A 6653 Bach 46


Additional information

Additional costs

Any rental fee for required equipment

Equipment list

see https://bergschule

Rental equipment

Let's coordinate by phone.


- Healthy in the mountains
- Membership of the Alpine Club
- sure-footedness in steep+rugged+exposed terrain
- Climbing up to UIAA 5+ in the night climb
- Level 2-3 :: see
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